Sunday, June 21, 2009


So, nearly every night I watch Ms. Lea, taking care
of her nightly communication fix with her peeps,
then nearly every night she does a little something
with her blog, FOUR MILES TO NOWHERE.
Then there's me. Home all day long. Nothin' to do, you would think that I'd have posted everyday, right? Boring! It's just so... Boring!
Actually, the deal with the chicken coops has turned into a full time job, between posting the ads on Craigslist and replying to emails, then of course silly stuff like actually building and delivering them,well, what was a fun little side line is tiring me out!

Anyway, here are some pics of some of my products.
First is a photo of my large coop. For some reason it's the one that everyone likes.
The bottom picture is of a rabbit hutch that some people requested of me around the first of May. The design part takes me a while to figure out, so it took me a couple of months to build. The guy came and picked it up today, he was very pleased. That pleases me, and that's why I do it.....