Monday, November 29, 2010

Post by Andriod

They're complicated, they're a pain! What have we gotten ourselves into? Gadgets!!
A couple of months ago Ms. Lea bought me a new Droid phone by HTC. It looks really cool. When you turn it on it says "Driod" in a cylon tone just like you see on the commercials. Very Very cool!
Now, I'll admit I'm not on the Geek squad or anything, but I am fairly savvy when it comes to working the camera or a computer, hooking up the cable, or setting up the stereo. I've done a lot of that stuff, but this phone... wow! It took me a whole day to figure out how to make a call!
I wanted a smart phone, because the last job I ran, my superintendent wound up having to go back to his home town to start another job, so I had to communicate with him some how. Not all construction sites have phone and power capabilities and although this one did, I don't have a laptop to carry to work. having a phone that I could send him photos to his email and exchange emails, text and voice, was, to say the least, invaluable!!!
So, I felt that a smart phone was the way to go. It has a touch screen that I swear I live in fear of.. A person can go a long way in the wrong direction with those if you're not paying attention. I'm sure I've mentioned on several occasions that I'm missing a few of my digits, so holding the phone without touching the screen can be a challenge, god forbid you accidentally touch that screen, you could wind up watching Cindy Lauper on you tube that way... or maybe on a conference call with Timbucktoo.
At first I was very unimpressed with the camera in the phone, it seemed like all the photo's came out blurry when compared with the Nikon Coolpix. So in my frustration I decided to do a little fiddling, instead of the ole' point and shoot, Low and behold, it actually does a lot more than just taking your run of the mill baby photo.
Here's one of my experiments...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fall Already?

Wow, April? Really? Where has the time gone? I actually got to go back to work for a few months, can't even begin to tell you how good that felt!
I built a whole lotta coops between then and now, cutting firewood, clearing the yard. We actually got to go camping last summer.
That was AWESOME!

We finally, set the stepson free...
I guess we have mixed feelings on that.
Anyway, here we are November, they're forecasting snow for this weekend and I'm so not ready for snow!!!
I got to reconnect with my daughter, Baili, this summer. Missed her a lot and am sooo thankful to have her part of our lives again.
Ms. Lea has been reconnecting with a lot of her family back east lately. It seems they are really really fine bunch of folks! They sure sound very caring!!
A friend of mine recently asked why I Facebooked, he didn't see the value in a social network, I tried to explain to him, how sometimes we lose friends and family due to a lack of proximity, time or sometimes simply not caring enough to maintain the relationship. Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with a lot of my family that I figured were lost to me, the same with my wife and her family. In this crazy time that we live in, I think there are huge advantages in gathering your loved ones to you, figuratively, for friendship and emotional support. I for one thank god everyday for the people who are in my life who help me keep my head screwed on, just by being there and giving me a simple baseline of normality to help me keep things in perspective! Otherwise I soon start to think it's all about me, LOL!!!
fall is over,
it's time for winter,
thanks for being there, friends and family!!!