Saturday, January 31, 2009

So my wife got me to sign up for NaBloPoMo, I guess that means that you get to hear from me every day for a month.
As it says in my profile I am currently unemployed and have been since the middle of September, while I've always hated working outside in the middle of the winter this is getting old and a little ridiculous. The job I worked on in September was just a 2 week job, before that I'd been out of work since the end of June so it's basically been about 7 months that I've been out of work. Like I said before the winters here aren't fun to work in. It's cold rainy snowy foggy, you name it, It's mostly miserable. However, I always wanted to be a carpenter, my father was, his father was and as I understand it my great grandfather was also. It seems to run in the blood.
For me there is just something that thrills me about putting in a hard days work and at the of the day to look at back what I did that day with my own 2 little hands , I guess you would call it a sense of accomplishment.
I remember being around ten when driving around town my dad would point out some building he had built and say"I built that." To me that was so cool! Now I can say the same things to my kids, although I don't get the feeling that they're nearly as impressed as I was. I have even had the opportunity to remodel or even replace some of the buildings my dad built. The old man says that's how you know that you're getting old, when they start tearing down the buildings you've built!
In 20 years of doing this, this is the longest time I've ever been off work. I miss it and I'm going crazy!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why blog then? Hmmmmm you tell me. Boredom? Maybe..... Possibly. I just thought it might be kinda fun, certainly better than washing dishes eh?
Actually I figured that it might be a good and entertaining way to teach myself more about using the computer, call it motivating to actually sit down and spend some time learning to do something more with the computer than browsing the web or just checking email. I get to practice my typing and writing skills too. Then there's looking for widgets and fun stuff like that, so why not blog?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Done? I hope so 'cuase I found that really cool Neocounter and decided it wasn't quite so noisy and irritating. They didn't seem to work well on the same page tho(at least not with our isp) so I op
ted for the less annoying of the two. Enjoy the neoplanet.
About the blog, in advance warning, please excuse grammatical, punctuation and typing errors as this year marks 30 years of being away from any formal schooling and I don't really remember a lot about that stuff. Actually to be perfectly truthful I was never really good with my english classes anyway, thats why I became a carpenter. Addition subtraction multiplication sometimes a little trigonometry, thats what a carpenter has to know, so I'm a little rusty. (understatement) As for my typing skills, don't even ask. When I was 15 I shortened one of the fingers on my left hand on a table saw in my grandpas shop, I thought at the time that was pretty cool as both my dad and my grandfather had missing fingers, I'd joined the club. Howevwr my shop teacher in school didn't think that was quite so cool! He kicked me out of shop class and failed me for that semester!
Then almost 3 years ago I managed to pass one of the fingers on my right a hand through a jointer at home in my own garage, I lost the tip of my right forefinger. In 23 years of working on construction sites and I've never had a lost time injury on the job, and I cut my damn finger off at home and have to take two weeks off work without any income. Nice!! If thats not bed enough, anybody who uses power tools on a regular basis knows that once a power tool tastes blood they develop a desire for more, there nothing you can do but throw them away at that point. I had a hell of a time getting that 6 inch jointer into the garbage can!!! L.O.L.!!!!!
The upshot of all of this being, typing sucks!!! at least for me!!
Why blog then?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ok, now that I've blown your speakers out and possibly done minor damage to ear drums, Maybe I should explain how the fireworks gadget works. If you'd like to turn off the explosions scroll the bar on the right down and click on select city then click off on the auto selection that'll turn the noise off.

Now if you want to play with that gadget you can create your own fireworks by clicking on the numbers and the colors, trust me it's really a lot of fun. Go ahead and play I'll wait.........