Friday, March 18, 2011


To be
exact, they are American Bulldogs. Lizzy with her sweater on and Ms. Trinity on the right.
I've shared photos of my other bullies, but never told how we got into bullies.
Not a long story, My daughter Britt started asking for a dog when she was about 4. Sometime around the time she turned 6 we finally got a place where we could have a dog, so we went to the Humane Society. They had a litter of 12 of these little brown and white dogs that were solidly built, Britt instantly fell in love. Only one of them wasn't definitely spoken for, so we left our name and number and the next day they called and said the puppy was ours. So Britt got her pup! The papers the H.S. gave us on her had her as a mix between a Australian shepherd and a bull dog, hmmm..
At the vets for a puppy check, the receptionist said, "wow, that's a really nice American Bulldog pup you have." What? I'd never heard of a American. She was very healthy, however, I was going to need to socialize her because Americans are fighters. Well that's a different story, suffice it to say Lizzy turned into A very sweet family dog, so long as you didn't let any of the other family dogs around her. I still loved her!!! So years later when one of our other dogs had to go, Ms. Lea asked me what kind of dog we wanted to get to replace it with, I said " A bull dog", and so started this families love affair with our bullies. When Lizzy died about 5 years ago, we had 2 Olde English Bulldogges, so decided to get another American and socialize her with them, thus, Ms. Trinity! She's 100 lbs of rambunctiousness, so much so that the smaller OEB's get mad at her and get on her, but I'll tell you right now, 100 lbs of big old tough American bull dog or not she's the sweetest dog anyone could ever own!!

They're the best!!!

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