Saturday, March 19, 2011


O.k. so you've heard me complain about the snow, the rain, the cold. Ive whined about unemployment..
I forget...
It's all in the viewpoint, I tend to be a glass half empty sort of a person, so it comes out negatively.
Sometimes a few moments of reflection can change what seems to be a totally bad situation to a relatively positive one.
Without a rehash of the details I can say my life is a little better off than those in Japan, or on the coast, or one of the countless families who have someone in the military. For those people times are tough!!
Let's face it times are challenging, either you will step up or crumble and fold. A lot of the time I feel like folding but somehow I always find one foot moving forward on the other. I've heard folks say that they're tired, I am, my wife is, aren't we all? Yet when I lay my head down to sleep I can't, they call it nervous energy. My mind just spins looking for options, a better, a easier way. Know what that means? It means I still Hope...
And for that I thank God..

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